What I end up doing instead of being productive


There are many things I could be doing right now. Work things I could be doing ahead of time, like finishing up the outline of a course, or updating some of my lesson plans. Instead, I’m doing many other things.What?, you ask. Well, for starters and most surprisingly of all, I’m making a paper mache mask. Yes, paper mache. WTF? I know. A project that has already taken many hours and will take many more days to complete. Why? Because I felt like it. I didn’t feel like advancing my needed projects so instead, I’m creating diy projects that will need my attention. Case in point, this mask.


Other things I have been obsessing about include making the perfect macaron and buying beads to make bracelets with. Making the perfect macaron is another example of a project that takes lots of time and patience. Do I need to be doing this? No, the answer is no. Yet, I find myself procrastinating the heck out of my real responsibilities and finding other stuff to improve and occupy my life with.


Why? Why? Why?

Simple, I think these activities help me clear my head, they are projects that keep me busy, but have no real effect on my career or life. Hence, while I’m doing them I’m gaining some sort of skill, and clearing my head space of things like anxiety. They are my way of starting to work on those projects that I’m anxious about without actually investing energy into it. How? Many times while you are doing something that involves your undivided attention, or you are keeping your hands busy, your head might start to understand something it hadn’t before. You might get an idea that helps you with something else.

At least that is what I’m telling myself. That is what I’m hoping. I know I will have to complete those projects sooner rather than later. If anything this procrastination is a good respite from the work.