How do people become friends? I’ve always thought that your friends are people with which you share some common thread. People that either share your same hobbies, have lived through a similar experience, have shared an experience with you, or share your same values. I understand that there are no to people that are a 100% compatible or a 100% similar, but I would think that you should share some similarities.

Last night I had a “girl’s night”with two of my close friends. We had wine, snacks, and we talked about everything; relationship, pets, fears,jobs, and then for some reason politics. One of my friends was so politically incompatible with me that I was surprised. I had been aware of her believes, but we had never really talked about it until last night. We were able to discuss, even argue a bit without offending each other, which I guess is proof of the friendship. It made me wonder what else we would disagree with. I understand that if you are always surrounded by people that think and act like you, you don’t learn anything new, you don’t really get to question your believes and then you are just as bad as  the other people with ingrained believes, which is not how I want to live. Still, there is something to be said about the people you surround yourself with also being people that inspire and shape your life. Do I still consider her my friend? Yes, but I have definitely realized that we are friends because of circumstance. We would have never met if we had not shared one life experience (we both started a particular job at the same time) and yes we do have things in common; our love for dogs and the environment, but we probably have a lot more things we would disagree on.

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