Chimney by the Woods


There’s a chimney in the middle of the woods. The only remnant of what once was. A relic of a not so distant past. What was once the bones of this house, now lie as rubble scattered across. Yet, the chimney stands tall, daring us to imagine all the lives that found heat and warmth near it. Long lived lives, short lived lives, sad lives, happy lives, many lives; all their essence represented in this chimney by the woods.

This chimney might have helped cooked dinners, tasty dishes made over the fire. Once, this chimney could have kept a family warm on a cold winters night. It might have even been witnessed to declarations of love. How many secrets has it kept, burned by it’s flames?

In times gone by, this chimney was full of life. Now, this chimney is lucky if it provides a home for a squirrel or a few birds trying to nest. Human eyes might not set their gaze in this chimney for days, weeks or months. Oh, the stories this chimney could tell!

I see this chimney and I wonder, what relics of my history will I leave behind? What will carry my essence once I’m gone?

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