Before the year ends we will be moving to a new house. We are so excited about this, a blank space for me and my boyfriend to occupy. It’s a great opportunity for us, our pets will have more space, we will have more space. This is a literal move, but it has got me thinking of other moves we will be making.

After this past election, I went through a stage of grief. Not because my candidate lost, I don’t think I had one (I did go vote though), but because it really did felt like people let hate win. I will give the new president the benefit of the doubt, but to be honest he doesn’t worry me as much as the people that voted for him for deeper darker reasons. We can no longer pretend we are progressive. We can no longer pretend that as long as you work hard you can accomplish anything. That will greatly depend on your sex, sexual preference, and skin color.  After my grief passed, I realized thanks to my support system and many of the other people on social media going through similar feelings that now is the time to move. Not move to another country, but move mentally, move emotionally. It’s time to start acting, fighting for those causes we believe. It’s not enough to post on facebook or a blog, we have to volunteer our time, donate our talents or money, and most importantly stand up when we see an injustice. It’s time to move into action, be aware of our surroundings and who we surround ourselves with.

Overall, I’m glad I’m moving.


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