I feel so tiny walking among the trees. Tiny in a good way, when I think of my life, my problems, surrounded by the vast space and tall trees, everything feels trivial. There is just me and the nature surrounding me, cleaning my lungs, and cleaning my spirit. It is my version of church.

I grew up catholic, and in a lot of ways I guess I still am, but overtime I have found a spirituality that works for me. I guess I would be considered a Pantheist. I remember reading a book a while back were the author identified as Pantheist. Pantheism being the view that you can find divinity in nature or that natural universe is divine. I haven’t research that much about Pantheism, I’m sure you will find all extremes of people. I guess for me it means that I see and communicate with God (whatever that may mean) through nature.

Whenever I feel lost or need to clear my head, I find a trail, take my dog, and go on a hike. Just listening to the wind, the leaves falling, and looking at the path before me, helps me feel better about whatever my circumstance may be.  Even if the problem is too big, I still get some clearness after my encounter with nature. I think it’s important to have something in your life that gives you positive energy and makes you have a positive outcome in life. For some people that is belonging to a church community, family, exercise, or just meditation. For me, the important thing is wherever you are getting it from, you are giving some of that positivism back to the universe.

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