What you wish for


Almost a month ago, I applied for a job with a non profit organization close to where I live. I didn’t hear back from them, so I assumed I wasn’t a correct fit. About a week ago, I saw the same position advertised in a different website and decided to reapply. They call me a few days ago and want to interview me the next day. I say yes, go through the interview process and get an offer. The thing is, the interview itself didn’t go that well; I was scheduled for a 2’oclock interview, didn’t get called in until 2:30. In the middle of the interview I had to step out, so that the person interviewing could take a call. Even the way the interview was conducted was just a bit weird. I was pretty surprised when by the end of it, they told me that if I was interested in the position, they were interested in me.

What are you suppose to say? Thanks, but no thanks. After this experience I changed my mind and don’t want to be here? So I acted all; yeah I’m interested. Didn’t get an official offer, they asked me to come back and shadow my potential coworkers and make a decision. The more I think about it, the more I’m against it. What was I thinking? Now of course they are pushing to get me there and I’m going to have to withdraw my application.

I guess the moral of the story is be careful what you wish for. Don’t ignore the signs the universe is sending you, if they didn’t get back to you the first time, maybe you should have let it be.

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