Falling Leaves


With the colder weather coming in and my latest mood, I have been finding it harder and harder to be motivated to move and do things. So this weekend I was happy to not only finish a corn maze successfully, but also be able to go on a hike. It was nice to see all the colors and enjoy the nice breeze. Being in nature helps me feel renewed, which sometimes is all I need to get my mojo flowing towards the positive again.

I have been trying to do tiny things to slowly get out of the funk. I have started baking again, made some yummy cookies.


One of the yummy hazelnut chocolate chip cookies I made.

I have also started to push myself to write a lot more, even if it’s just a few sentences. Now I need to start pushing myself to exercise again. I did go exercise recently, but I wasn’t feeling it and I have skipped a couple of days after that. I’m looking forward to attending a Harry Potter Festival this Saturday, so maybe I’ll find a potion that makes me super athletic and want to move. We can only hope.

Just like the leaves are falling, I’m sure my funk will also fall. I have to work at it; which shouldn’t surprise me, because even the trees spend some energy when they lose their leaves. I’ll keep at it, I’ll find my next project.

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