Dream Jobless Part 1


I have lived all my life knowing what I wanted and going for it. I got good grades in school, I participated in so many extra-curricular activities, I knew what I needed to do to get into college. In college, I again followed the same formula. I don’t want you to get the image that all I did was study and had no life, because it’s not true. I just made sure I had time for everything; the hanging out, the binge watching series, the drinking, the sex, but also and most importantly the studying. I made sure I had internships every summer and that the professors at least recognized me as one of their good students. Was I always in the top of the pack? No, of course not. Did I want to be on the top? NO, I just wanted to achieve the necessary quota to keep moving up on the ladder to my life goals.

What were these life goals? Well, I wanted to have a college degree in a science, loved the environment, wanted to pursue a graduate career in something related to ecology or evolution and have an awesome job with a non-profit afterwards.

I made sure I did good enough in college, that I could get into grad school. I got accepted to one of my first choices for Graduate School and thought; “Awesome, all my dreams are coming true.”

Little did I know that life was so much more complicated.

You have to work hard to achieve your dreams. Great things just don’t come to those who waityes please. You have to sweat and get dirty while you wait for that great thing. I go through phases were I forget that I still have to work hard. I get frustrated and regret the path I’ve taken in life. In these moments I need some support, this support comes from talking to my mom, friends and boyfriend. Also, reading, I was in the middle of reading Amy Poehler’s book  Yes Please, when my most recent phase occurred. She has a chapter titled Treat Your Career Like a Bad Boyfriend, which was exactly what I needed to hear. She basically states that we shouldn’t take our careers so seriously, we should focus on the quality of the work we do, but not the outcome. I may not have my perfect career yet, but I’m working on it and I can’t let the situation I am job wise, affect the other aspects of my life.

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