I’ve been thinking of traveling a lot lately. There’s a desire to run away and explore places where they don’t know me. The truth is I feel stuck, in between jobs and questioning every decision that has brought me here. I started reminiscing about a trip I took to South America when I was in high school. It was missionary trip to help a small community in Paraguay get some houses built, but it was also a cheap way for a teenager (myself) to travel to some awesome places. I have a lot of good memories from that trip; I visited the Machu Pichu, I met interesting people, and I ate good food. Some of the best times were past while we waited at the airports or bus stops singing Silvio Rodriguez songs or sharing a book. I also remember that with the extra money we had, I (always having a sweet tooth) would buy these chocolate covered cookies called Alfajor. They came in this red wrapping with some type of elephant-esque character in them. I was in such a sad place that I decided I would make these cookies at home. I did not rest until I found a recipe I could follow and spent a good 6 hours in the kitchen just preparing, baking and decorating the cookies.

I’ve always found cooking and baking to have a meditative effect on me, just clear my mind and let my hands work. This doesn’t mean that these were miracle Alfajores and all my issues are now fixed, but it did serve as therapy. Even though, I may think changing my settings and starting anew is an option, the truth is I will always be me no matter where I go. I may not be proud of all my past choices, but I did learn from them and much like the alfajor recipe, I can apply some of those old experiences to my current life.

2 thoughts on “Alfajor

  1. I know what you mean about cooking and baking being cathartic! I have had and made alfajores before, but I’ve never had them covered in chocolate. That would be amazing with the dulcet du leche!

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