Reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan, I was happily surprised to find out the main character worked for a bagel company before going into employment with Mr. Penumbra. One thing you must know about me, is that I unwind in the kitchen. I love experimenting with recipes and baking. So, as soon as I read the word bagel in this book, I was looking for recipes to use my bread machine and make some.
Let’s be clear, this book is pretty amazing. I enjoyed reading it and found it to be a fun, quick read. Never the less, this post is about the bagels that this book inspired and not the plot of the book- that’s just how my  mind works. I was under the impression that bagels were really hard to do; perfect circles, hole in the middle, so many taste, but they were not that hard. Specially if a machine is doing the kneading for you.

I found this recipe in and it’s pretty basic. So far I have been able to add ingredients to make different flavor bagels without ruining it, it’s a pretty good starting point. Some of the flavors I’ve made include; pumpkin, cheese, and blueberries.

Here are some pictures of my bagel journey.


The bottom line is, we can find inspiration everywhere we look. I recommend the book and the bagels 😀

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