My friend Mindy and other thoughts


In the process of organizing a book club, one of my friends commented on my lack of non-fiction reads. She was afraid of joining a book club that would mostly read fiction. In my defense, I do read non-fiction… It’s just that for every non-fiction book in my Good Reads there’s about 5 fiction ones. Yes, most of these fiction books are YA; which I’m not, but there’s nothing wrong with letting   your imagination run free.

  In an effort to sh that I did in fact enjoy reading non-fiction, I mentioned the fact that I had in my to-read list the book by Mindy Kaling; which she had already read. Just to be clear, even thought I did want to read it, it was more of a someday when I have the chance read than a I have to get my hands on it right now read. Given my bragging about wanting to read it, i decided to actually go and read it.

 It is a super quick read and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. Two of the things she talks about in the book which I thought were pretty interesting and funny were one night stands and romantic comedies. At our age, the media would have us believe that one night stands are the norm. That there is nothing unsafe about letting random people in to your apartment. It’s good to hear or read about a woman who is pretty cool, in no way a prude, but that still refuses to have one night stands. She talks about this in the book in a way that does not criticize women who do have them, she just expresses her opinion in her own funny way and that is what makes her so cool.

She talks about the unrealistic characters in romantic comedies and how she views the genre as sci-fi. I’m a sucker for a good rom-com, which admittedly is pretty hard to find and so I end up lowering my standards a lot of the times. Having said this I think its good to always keep in mind that those men are not real. Just like the women in these movies (which like Mindy mentions, pig  out but are super skinny or are so beautiful they have to be a klutz), the men we meet in our day to  day; at bars, at work, at school, are never going to live up to those standards. How many guys do you know who are charmers, say the right thing 99% of the time, had a player past but suddenly fell madly in love with one girl??? Or what are the probabilities of going to your local bar and meeting an Ian Somerhalder look a like with the charm of Noah from the Notebook (which is my male dream fantasy)? If Mindy a person in the media can recognize these dilemmas then so should we.

After reading her book, I felt as though we were friends… which is creepy and improbable. Still, this is a good non-fiction book that I would recommend.

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