The Power of Choice

J.K Rowling knows what she is talking about

J.K Rowling knows what she is talking about

I’ve been thinking a lot about the choices we face in our day to day. A few months ago, as I was driving to work I saw this big dog with a bad case of mange. I have always been an animal lover and it broke my heart to see this tired, sick animal. What was worst was that in that moment I decided I couldn’t do anything for the animal. I drove to work, parked the car and broke down and cried (for the dog and for my sense of helplessness).

I promised myself that if I saw that dog on my way back, I would do something to help it. The dog was not there. Many friends and relatives told me, that I could not save every animal I saw in need and living in Puerto Rico, trust me when I say there are bound to be a lot (we have an overpopulation if street dogs and cats). They might be right, I can’t save every single animal that comes in to my presence, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that I can do.

So, what can I do? Or what did I do?
I started volunteering with a local animal welfare organization, visiting the rescues and donating some money (honestly, not a lot… but every dollar counts). Furthermore, now when I see a dog or cat that I can help out; give some food or shelter for a few days, I go for it. So far, I had my first foster adopted, helped a puppy find a home and recently took a dumped kitten to the vet (sadly, he was put to sleep, due to his neurological issues).

You may ask, what does this have to do with our day to day choices? Well, for one thing we are faced with choices like this every day. We see people struggling, we see co-workers having a rough time and sometimes we see ourselves in the mirror and recognize we need to make a choice about our life. We can choose to act; help a person out (or a four legged creature for that matter), make a decision about our unhappiness (quit a job, take a leap of faith and try something that scares us), or we can think it over and decide we are going to have little impact in our surroundings and our lives. It all comes down to choices.

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